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Traveling While on Your Period: Helpful Tips for Ladies

Traveling while on your period is probably one of the most frustrating things that could happen as a woman.

Suddenly you’ll have to worry about managing stains, cramps, discomfort, and all the other little stresses that come with the time of the month.

Thankfully, women have come up with a million ways to get thru their periods like a pro – here are some tips you’re sure to find useful:


• Plan ahead

Period Tracker

If you’re regular, then you probably know when it’s coming. As much as possible, avoid booking a trip or strenuous activity during your period. If not, then make sure that whatever you’ve planned is something you’re comfortable doing.

The best thing you can do is understand your cycle, download a free period plotting app, or simply track it with your planner — nobody enjoys a sneak attack.

• Always pack the essentials

Girl Essentials

1. Tampons/pads/Diva Cup

Even if you’re not expecting your period during your trip, it always pays to be prepared. Make sure to bring whatever you feel is best for you — don’t go around trying something new in the middle of your trip!

Diva cups are a great option for long trips because you can keep it in for as long as 12 hours and you’re reducing waste, too.

2. Comfortable clothes

This goes for both the underwear and the bottoms you choose to wear. Avoid white pants or anything that stains easily.

Though periods are nothing to be ashamed of, nobody wants to walk around with a giant stain on her butt.

3. Pain medication

One of the worst things about getting your period is the dysmenorrhea and the migraines that come with it. So, if you’re headed out on a trip anytime soon, don’t forget to pack some aspirin, a hot water bag, or anything that would make you feel better.

• Extra Tips

Walk Inside the Airport

* Period and Long Haul Flights

Sitting on a soggy napkin for hours sounds like a nasty ordeal, it can get uncomfortable and unsanitary real quick if you’re not aware. The best thing to do during a long trip is to make time to walk around.

Period or not, it’s always best to stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. Don’t forget to change your pad or tampon after every few hours to avoid any unwanted odors, or worse, Toxic Shock Syndrome.

* Proper disposal of feminine products

We’re all adults here so we hope we’re all aware of the proper (and decent!) way to throw away all your feminine products. Here’s a refresher:

  • Don’t attempt to flush it down the toilet, unless you want to be the cause of a plumbing problem.
  • Cover your used napkins/tampons in tissue before disposing. We know, it’s natural, but nobody wants to see a stranger’s bloody fluids out in the open.
  • Invest in reusable pads or diva cups, these environmentally friendly products will both save you money and reduce waste.

* Managing Period Pains

While crawling up in bed all day sounds like the best thing to do while on your period, it might not be the best way to spend your vacation.

As difficult as it sounds, squeezing in some light exercise can actually lessen cramps. Walk around, enjoy, there’s almost nothing fresh air and a good view can’t cure.


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