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9 Things You Need to Know When Traveling with Pets

If you’re a paw-rent and hate the thought of leaving your fur baby home while traveling, then fret not. We’ve got some tips to keep in mind when traveling with pets.


1. Prepare for Your Trip

Preparation for Pet Trip

Travel preparation is key to saving yourself and your pet from any discomfort that may happen during the trip. If hitting the road together for the first time, you may want to get your pet used to short drives, gradually moving onto longer ones.

Additionally, it is highly encouraged to visit and consult with your pet’s vet before the trip.

2. Give Your Pet a Warm Bath

Pet Warm Bath

Going on a trip and being with your pet in an enclosed space should be enough reason for you to give your little one a warm and relaxing bath.

Not only will it soothe them, but it’ll leave them smelling nice and clean—a must when traveling together and/or with other people.

3. Exercise with Your Pet

Walking with Pet

Before boarding a bus, a boat, or even a plane, you may either take a relaxing walk or play with your pet. These activities will cause your pet to feel tired during the trip, which makes for peaceful traveling.

4. Bring Your Pet’s Bed

Cat on a Bed

Aim to make your pet feel comfy during the trip. When they’re exhausted, they will look for a familiar space to rest, so it’s best to bring his bed and blanket.

5. Create an ID Tag

Pet ID tag

No matter how behaved, your pet may wander off. In the event that they do, best to make sure that they have an ID tag. This should contain your contact info so that whoever picks your pet up will know how to get in touch with you.

6. Bring Their Favorite Toys

Puppy playing toy

Pets may get destructive when they’re bored. Make sure to bring his toys for the trip. His playthings can keep him entertained during travel.

7. Don’t Forget to Bring Treats

Dog Treats

This is a no-brainer! You don’t want to have to scramble to find food for your pet once you land at your destination. This is especially important for pets with special food needs.

8. Schedule Feeding Time

Feeding Time

If your furball’s been broken into and has a toilet time routine, then try to maintain that while traveling as much as possible. It may also help to limit food and water intake—and don’t forget to bring puppy pads or diapers!

9. Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Hotel allowing Dog

Fortunately for pet parents, there are several pet-friendly hotels in Manila and in surrounding cities that accept dogs, cats, and other pets as guests. Your cute pals deserve to go on vacations, too!

Bonus: Flying with Pets

If you’re planning to relocate in a faraway land with your furry friend, it pays to know the restrictions of your chosen airline regarding pet passengers.

Rules and laws may also differ depending on your destination country, state, or city. They may have specific health, vaccination, and quarantine requirements.

Ready to travel with your pet? Book the latest cheap flights deals here and discover cheap hotel deals!  You may also leave a comment below if you have other pet travel tips that are worth sharing!