7 Types of Hotels to Suit Your Travel Needs

You may come across other travelers who share similar favorite destinations. But when it comes to accommodations, it’s always a different story. You’d find those who prefer 5-star hotels, and those who would rather sleep in 1-star hotels. For it’s not just about star ratings but also your traveling needs.

Here are 7 types of hotels to find out the type of traveler you are:


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1. Villa

This concept is not necessarily for the rich but for individuals who don’t mind paying for the experience. A Villa is typically luxurious, classy and spacious. This home-country style is highly suitable for couples and families.

2. Boutique Hotel

Its modern and stylish architecture is its main attraction – which is why it’s most preferred by the young. It is typically found in cities and usually offers 10 – 100 rooms.

3. Chain Hotel

Chain Hotel refers to a group of hotels supervised by a primary group that runs it – and standardization has always been its main focus. Hotels that fall under this category are typically found in commercial areas. They cater their service to business travelers especially.

4. Capsule Hotel

What’s unique about Capsule Hotel is its nature  – whereby each capsule is designed to serve only one person. One can experience it in Japan and because it is the cheapest type of hotel in town, it is favored by backpackers especially. If you’re backpacking, this may be just right for you.

5. Guesthouse

This is the kind of accommodation that makes you feel that you’re home – or that time you crashed in at a friend’s place. As it is typically found at the countryside, travelers get to feel what it’s like to live among the locals.

6. Hostel

If you don’t mind sharing a space with up to 20 people in a dormitory, this is for you. It is favored by budget travelers especially as it is a cheap accommodation where they get to meet new people, say, a travel buddy!

7. Homestay

Homestay is basically a private home rented within unspecific timeline and number of guests. It is suitable for those coming with families or pilgrims.

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