Things to Bring on Your Next Flight

Traveling can be stressful especially if you go unprepared. Things like forgetting your important documents, delayed flights, long check-in lines, cramped seats, noisy passengers, limited bag storage, and a ton of other problems can ruin a dream vacation before it even started. But if you thought things through especially before boarding your plane, you can save yourself all that headache and enjoy your trip from start to finish.

That said, here are a few reminders on what to bring to help you have a hassle-free journey.


Wallet, Passport, and other Important Documents

passport and wallet

As simple as this might seem, many people end up forgetting to bring their important documents, passport, or wallet. If you don’t want to start the day stressed, be sure to double check your cash, credit card, passport, and other necessary documents before heading out the door. It’s also good to have a bag or small envelope where you can access them easily. Trust me, you don’t want the hassle of having to go back home, get your documents, and return to the airport only to miss your flight.

Sweater or jacket

sweater or jacket

It’s easier to take a jacket off when it’s hot than to have nothing to put on when it’s cold at the airport or inside the cabin. So be sure to bring a sweater or a jacket to help you keep warm when needed. Most airplanes offer blankets. But if you’re having doubts about their cleanliness, better to bring your own protection against the cold.

Gadgets and chargers

gadgets and chargers

Your phone, ipad, camera, or laptop will be your best friend when you’re traveling –either for communication or simply for entertainment. It’s important to have your charger with you to make sure you are still able to use them after the batteries have run out. Bring power banks and extra batteries as well in case you can’t find a single plug to use at the airport. Don’t forget your memory cards for your camera. Invest in a good camera or phone case as well as cord organizers to keep your gadgets packed neatly in your carry-on bag.

Pen and notebook

pen and notebook

If you’re the type of traveler who travels to disconnect, a handy notebook can help you pass the time. Instead of using your gadgets, you can jot down inspirations, ideas and plans on your little diary of sorts. You can even take time to doodle or draw. Writing, they say, stimulates the brain. And when you travel, there will be all sorts of things to inspire you write your next novel or what have you.

Food and drinks

food and drinks

While waiting for boarding, you might want to consider having a meal. This is advisable for those who booked their flights sans inflight food. Food and drinks are usually available onboard the plane but they can be expensive or not exactly appetizing for some. Just bring your own snacks (be mindful though of the list of food items prohibited on the plane). It’s also important to keep yourself hydrated so it will be good to have a bottle or flask of water with you (take note of the rules about bringing bottled water on the plane).

Pillow and sleeping mask

pillow and sleeping mask

For frequent fliers, this is a no brainer. Delayed flights and long haul flights almost always guarantee that you might have to end up sleeping at the airport or in an uncomfortable position on the plane. To help you have a comfortable sleep, bring a travel pillow with you. If you don’t want to be disturbed by the cabin lights or by the noise from your surroundings, you might want to bring a sleeping mask and some earplugs.



If you have allergies, asthma, or if you’re currently on maintenance medication, then you should definitely not forget bringing your medicines with you. Medical emergencies on airplanes are difficult and can potentially cause you harm so try to avoid that situation by preparing ahead of time. Take note that you are allowed to bring your medications with you in your hand carry, just don’t forget to notify the person in charge during security check in.

Noise cancelling headphones or earphones

noise cancelling earphones

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a 12-hour flight with a crying baby or rowdy kids. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure you’re prepared with a good pair of noise cancelling headphones or earphones. These are also great especially when you want to turn the volume up of a music you’re listening to or the movie you’re watching without disturbing your seatmates.

Mini toiletries kit

hand lotion

The air inside planes can cause dry skin. Combat skin dryness by bringing a tube of ChapStick and a small bottle of lotion with you in your carry-on. While airplanes provide tissue in their bathrooms, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your own with you. Wet wipes can also be handy especially during meal times and/or when you need to go the bathroom. A toothbrush or some mouthwash can keep you feeling fresh when you get off the plane after a long flight.

Small laundry bags

small laundry bag

You read that right. Small laundry bags will prove useful for any traveler who doesn’t have time to get their laundry done. They can keep your luggage organized. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mixing your dirty laundry with your unused clothing.

Every traveler is different, but these basic items can help improve the travel experience for anyone on either short or long haul flights. With these tips, you don’t need to book a business class to enjoy your journey.

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