What To Bring On A Road Trip: 10 Must-Haves

Words by Ruffie Cruz

It’s time to hit the open road but your destination is the journey itself! Yes, road trips are all about seeing what’s in between Point A and Point B. Are you ready? Before you head out, here’s what to bring on a road trip: 

1. Maps

While road trips are spontaneous, heading out with a planned route is still recommended. Be sure to take maps of the places you’ll be driving through in case you need to take a detour. Whether it’s good ‘ol paper map or a GPS (Global Positioning System), don’t leave home without a navigation tool. 

2. Weather apps

A weather app will keep you posted real time with regards to weather forecasts so that you can make sound decisions when driving somewhere. Expecting dark clouds and rain at your initial destination, take a u-turn and go somewhere else!

3. Road trip playlist

Our suggestion is to bring different genres to soothe every mood during the road trip. From upbeat music for day tours and mellow songs for evening drives, a worthy playlist makes a lot of difference. That, and it’s always great to bond by singing along to your favorite tunes. 

4. Camera

It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains. Road trips are proven to be effective “memory makers”. Keep a camera with you to capture these once in a lifetime moments. Remember that the happiest split seconds of your life happen unconsciously.

Learn to appreciate simple things like the farm animals along the way, a funny road sign, the candid shots inside the car, or a sunset over the lake.

5. Charger

All of the gadgets you bring along with you are useless if their batteries are drained. Be sure to charge up your digital cameras and phones before you leave the house. Bringing a wired charger and car charger adapter are extremely useful when you’re on the road for long periods of time and won’t have time to pull over. Packing spare batteries are also recommended.

Note: Electricity power inverters convert direct current (DC) from your car’s battery to alternating current (AC). Just plug it into your cigarette lighter and you can have an on-board charging station.

6. Food

While it may be fun to stop at one food spot after another throughout the trip, the costs definitely start to pile up! To keep the expenses down, pack some snacks, water bottles and other munchies that you can snack on when needed.

This way, you save money for other aspects for the road trip (e.g. sightseeing, toll fees). It’s also important for when you get stuck in unexpected traffic jams – there’s nothing worse than being in a car full of hungry people! 

7. Toiletries

Be sure to pack toiletries such as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers. Also bring an extra change of clothes and a towel just in case you need a quick change for whatever reason. 

8. Duplicate keys

Getting locked out of your own car during a road trip is the last think you should think about. Have a pair of spare keys placed in a separate bag and remember to keep its location private. 

9. First aid kit

Always bring a first aid kit full of anti-bacterial cream, bandages, scissors, needles, and even anti-mosquito lotions. Additionally, take prescription medicines with you as well as the usual pain relievers, antacids, and motion sickness pills.

10. Your best buddies

No road trip is complete without good company to share it with. Bring a good group of friends that’ll help you navigate, sing-a-long to your tunes, that’ll have a ball taking in the sights with you and more. This, perhaps, is the most important thing to bring on your road trip.

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