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Why Was My Japan Visa Denied: 5 Things Filipinos Should Know

Applying for a Japan visa or any other kind of visa could be nerve-wracking even if your reasons for visiting are completely wholesome. But since this is an inevitable part of traveling with a Philippine passport, there are ways to up your chances of getting approved. So, if you’re applying for a visa anytime soon, here are common reasons applicants get denied a tourist visa:

1. Planning to stay too long

As a temporary visitor, Filipinos are granted either 15, 30, or 90 days of stay for a single-entry visa. So, when filling up the form make sure to indicate your desired length of stay. If you’re planning to stay for 16 days, request for thirty (and so on).

Visitors who request a 90 day stay will have to justify this with documents. Typically, travelers who request a 90 day visa are visiting for medical reasons or for other emergencies.

2. Unexplained amount of money

If somehow you’ve managed to fatten up your account before presenting your bank statement to the embassy, make sure you can back this up. It’s a common tactic for visa applicants to borrow money just for the application — the embassy is very much aware of this.

If the money in your bank account is pure and honestly yours then make sure you have documents to support this. Additionally, freelancers are considered self-employed and are therefore expected to present an ITR as proof of tax payment.

3. Visiting for love

There’s nothing wrong about long distance relationships or finding love online, but if you specified “visiting my significant other” on your visa application, then you better be ready to prove your love.

This means you have to come prepared with photos of you and your other half, exchanged messages, and a letter explaining your relationship. Without solid proof, chances of getting denied are high.

4. No guarantor

If you’re visiting a friend with a tourist visa, it’s easier not to mention this during your interview. Otherwise, you’re going to have to provide documents proving that your friend is a legal resident of Japan.

If you don’t have such documents, your application may be delayed or rejected altogether. There is a specific visa for this purpose called the “Visiting Friend” visa which will require additional documents such as proof of relationship.

5. Seeking employment

Never declare your employment or desire to work in a country by applying for a tourist visa. Any country will deny your application if they feel that you’re planning to overstay. If you really want to work in Japan, apply for the proper visa.

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