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#TRYthis: Asian Travel Destination Counterparts To Visit

It may be February already but now’s not the time to slow down on making your travel goals come true. In fact, it’s the perfect time to plan your adventures and get excited for the coming months.

Travels aren’t complete without trying something new. Isn’t that one of the main reasons why we do it? To discover and to explore? This year, challenge yourself to be bold in your destination choices. Trade the mainstream for the unconventional or avoid the crowded tourist traps for a more relaxing retreat.

Not sure where to go? We’ve listed five spots that can be great alternatives to some popular destinations, offering the same fun and excitement (if not more) as its counterpart. #TRYthis for your next trip:

1. Pass on Haji Lane and experience Harajuku.

Haji Lane vs Harajuku

Haji Lane is one of the hottest spots in Singapore, known for its fashion shops, murals, and quirky cafés that attract the young crowd. The vibrant district, which was previously a Muslim Quarter, has transformed into a hipster’s paradise and is slowly becoming a fashion district. 

If you’re into street fashion and eccentric cafés, there’s no place you’d rather be than in Tokyo’s Harajuku street. This lively district has been labeled a fashion capital of the world and is known for its unique style and themed cafes that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Harajuku is a mecca for Japanese fashion and pop culture, and a great place to hang out at. Check out stores selling cosplay fashion or sink your teeth into the many delectable desserts available in several cafés along the street.

If you crave more shopping, step next door to Omotesando, one of Tokyo’s most expensive shopping streets, lined with luxury brands and great restaurants. 

Quirky and fun, discover more of Tokyo’s themed cafes here.

Planning on visiting soon? Check out this awesome map guide and make the most of your Tokyo trip!

2. Looking for a Choi Hung Estate vibe for your IG? Try Georgetown.

Choi Hung vs Georgetown

It’s no secret that this particular spot in Hong Kong has become an iconic Instagram spot. With its rainbow-colored buildings and vibrant basketball court, it truly gives off a vintage feel or a summer “La La Land” vibe.  

If you’re looking for quirky backdrops that take you back in time, head to Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia and be captivated by the colorful buildings and street art scattered across town. We recommend the colorful Sri Mariamman Temple and artistic Armenian Street for your IG needs. 

Not only is this a great place for photos, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site is also a place where you can learn more about the city’s history and where you’ll be able to travel back in time through its array of colonial buildings.

3. If you like Disneyland, try these theme parks!

Disneyland vs Lotte World

Although it’s “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland isn’t the only place where you can experience happiness through thrilling rides and fun attractions. Here are some theme parks in Asia that you should definitely pay a visit to:

  • Everland (Yongin, South Korea): South Korea’s largest theme park has a lot to offer and is a must-visit for amusement park lovers. With over five themed areas—including a zoo—the sheer size of this park is remarkable and will have you reeling from the fun and excitement it offers.
  • Lotte World (Seoul, South Korea): This indoor park within the capital has been a frequent venue of several romantic dramas, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for first-time travelers in the country. From the magical Camelot Carousel that is great for couple snapshots to the heart-stopping Gyro Drop that lifts you 315 feet into the air and down a free fall, it’s a park that has something for everyone.
  • LEGOLAND (Johor, Malaysia): LEGO fans would be glad to know that Malaysia’s first international theme park revolves around this iconic toy brand. As it’s known to create different worlds, LEGOLAND Resort has over 70 rides and attractions, including a themed hotel and waterpark, meant to give you experiences beyond your wildest dreams! 

4. Want to shop until you drop? Trade Nanjing Road for Dotonbori.

Nanjing Road vs Dotonbori

Dubbed as China’s number one shopping street, Nanjing Road stretches as far as your eyes could see and has about 600 businesses ranging from food and retail to specialty stores. 

Although that sounds like a dream come true, head to Dotonbori instead, which is just as vibrant and entertaining. Known as the nation’s kitchen, Osaka is a sure win for foodies and those who consider travel and shopping to go hand-in-hand. With hundreds of stores and novelty boutiques, Dotonbori has everything you could ever ask for in a shopping district. 

We recommend visiting after sunset when the whole district is lit up in neon signages, beautifully reflected upon the picturesque canal alongside this bustling area. 

Explore more of Osaka with these exciting activities!

5. Swap beach days in Phuket for a rejuvenating Yoga retreat in Ubud.

Phuket vs Ubud

It’s true that a day on the beach can easily melt your worries away. With crystal blue waves and pristine sand strips, Phuket’s cluster of seaside resorts can make anyone wish it was time for a summer getaway every day. But why not take it to the next level and rejuvenate not only your body but your mind and soul as well?

Ubud, Bali is synonymous with yoga haven and is a prime destination for healing. Be beguiled by the historic Balinese culture where nature envelops the whole town, making for a relaxing and awe-inspiring view no matter where you look.

This is the kind of place where a holiday can easily turn from days to weekstime becoming almost nonexistent as you fully focus on the wonders and joys of the present. 

First time in Bali? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

2020 is off to a rough start, but don’t let it dampen your travel goals. Check cheap flights promo on Traveloka and try something new today!

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