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Cherry calaminos 0 April 14, 2018

Raymark Angelo Ponce 0 January 23, 2018
I love the beach, it's awesome.

50 Beach Challenge: Visit the Best Beaches in the Philippines

If you’re a beach bum looking to make the rounds of the best beaches in the Philippines, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s our 50 Beach Challenge, where we recommend one beach for each of the remaining week’s of the year. Make it a checklist and see how many of them you can visit this 2018:



1. Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove is perfect for those looking for a quick weekend escape from the city and from internet connectivity. Located in Zambales, Anawangin has no electricity, no WiFi, and no mobile phone signal.

  • Location: Pundaquit, Zambales
  • How to get there: Take a bus to Santa Cruz or Iba in Zambales then catch a tricycle to Pundaquit. From there, you can rent a boat to pundaquit. Travel time is approximately six hours.
  • Fees: Boat ride (4 pax) – P1000
    Day tour – P50
    Overnight – P100

2. Alona Beach

This small stretch of white sand is coupled with clear blue waters, which is why it is such a popular Bohol destination. The nearby coral reefs also make it perfect for snorkeling and diving.

  • Location: Panglao Island, Bohol
  • How to get there: From the Tagbilaran Airport, you can catch a van or a tricycle to Alona Beach.
  • Fees: Free

3. Sambawan Island

Getting to experience Sambauan Island’s beautiful white sand beaches require a little patience, as they only appear during low tide. While you wait, explore the island’s ten accessible waterfalls.

  • Location: Biliran Island, Leyte
  • How to get there: From Tacloban City, catch a van to Naval. From the Naval Port, take a boat to Maripipi Island. Once there, take a habal-habal to Ol-og where you’ll have to take a boat to Sambawan Island.
  • Fees: Van ride to Naval – P120
    Boat to Maripipi – P70
    Motorbike ride Ol-0g – P30
    Boat to Sambawan (6 pax) – P600 roundtrip

4. Fortune Island

This Batangas location is perfect for those looking for Instagram-worthy shots. Aside from its beach, it has a collection of abandoned spaces and buildings, such as the pillars of a building inspired by the Parthenon.

  • Location: Nasugbu, Batangas
  • How to get there: From Manila, take a bus headed to Nasugbu. Get down at Jollibee Nasugbu then ride a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort in Barangay Wawa. From there, you can rent a boat to the island.
  • Fees: Resort entrance fee – P400
    Fortune Island day trip (up to 10 pax) – P3,000
    Fortune Island overnight (up to 10 pax) – P6,000

5. Nacpan Beach

El Nido’s already some way away from Metro Manila, but if you want to put even more distance, head on over to Nacpan Beach. It’s 17 kilometers from El Nido town proper and has unspoilt sugary sand beaches.

  • Location: El Nido, Palawan
  • How to get there: From the El Nido town proper you can catch a tricycle or rent a motorbike to Nacpan Beach.
  • Fees: Entrance for Filipinos – P25
    Entrance for foreigners – P50

6. Cemento Beach

Another surfing and snorkeling spot in Baler is Cemento Beach. Professional surfers can ride the 14-foot high waves that batter the beach, while snorkelers can visit during the calm months from April to June.

  • Location: Baler, Aurora
  • How to get there: You can rent a motorbike from the main Sabang area.
  • Fees: Free

7. Duli Beach

photo via Commons

If big beach crowds aren’t for you, head over to El Nido’s Duli Beach. The two kilometer stretch of beach often only has a handful of visitors, most of them surfers.

  • Location: El Nido, Palawan
  • How to get there: From El Nido town, you can catch a tricycle to Duli Beach.
  • Fees: Board rental – P500 per hour

8. Amanpulo

Looking for opulence and exclusivity? Amanpulo is the untouched private island retreat that is a favorite among the Hollywood set.

  • Location: Pamalican Island, Sulu, Palawan
  • How to get there: The island can only be reached via a private flight from a private hangar in NAIA.
  • Fees: Approx. P200,000/night

9. Doljo Beach

Pronounced “dolho”, this beach is where you head if you’re looking for memorable souvenirs as it is littered with beautiful sea shells.

  • Location: Panglao, Bohol
  • How to get there: From Tagbilaran Airport, you can take a bus to Doljo Beach. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Fees: Free

10. Lakawon Island

photo via Facebook, @lakawonisland

  • Location: Cadiz, Negros Occidental
  • How to get there: From the Ceres bus terminal in Bacolod City, catch a bus headed to the Burgos Public Market. From there, take a tricycle to the port where you can charter a boat to the island.
  • Fees: Entrance – P140
    Boat fee – P150
    Day tour with cottage – P1,200
  • 11. Maniwaya Island

    Less than an hour away by boat from the island of Marinduque, Maniwaya Island is a destination that isn’t crowded that also features coral and white sand.

    • Location: Marinduque
    • How to get there: The easiest way to get to Maniwaya is via General Luna. From Manila, catch a bus headed to Catanauan and get down in General Luna Crossing. From there, take a five-minute tricycle ride to the port.
    • Fees: Approx. P1500 for an overnighter

    12. Calitang Beach

    Nacpan Beach is half of El Nido’s Twin Beaches, with Calitang Beach making the other half. Just like Nacpan, Calitang’s sugary sand beaches are sure to draw you in.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: From the El Nido town proper you can catch a tricycle or rent a motorbike to Calitang Beach.
    • Fees: Entrance for Filipinos – P25
      Entrance for foreigners – P50

    13. Talipanan Beach

    photo via Commons

    For a beach experience that’s not what you expect, head to Puerto Galera’s Talipanan Beach. It’s littered with abandoned resorts vandalized by graffiti, giving the place a dystopian feel.

    • Location: Puerto Galera, Mindoro
    • How to get there: From Metro Manila, catch a bus headed to the Batangas Port where can hire a boat to White Beach in Puerto Galera. From White Beach, you can rent a tricycle or motorbike to Talipanan Beach.
    • Fees: Travel expense – Approx 1,000

    14. Snake Island

    There’s no need to worry about Snake Island, even if you’re terrified of snakes. The location is named not because it’s infested by snakes, but because of its S-shaped sandbar made up of fine white sand.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: If you’re coming from Puerto Princesa, you can take a RoRo to El Nido. From there, catch a tricycle to Poblacion in El Nido town where you can catch a tour Van that will make a stop in Snake Island.
    • Fees: Approx. P1,300 for a tour

    15. San Fernando Beach

    Another off-the-beaten-path beach you can find in El Nido is San Fernando Beach. It’s 55 minutes away from El Nido town proper and features an unpopulated beach and a virgin forest.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: The easiest way to get to San Fernando Beach is by renting a motorbike from the El Nido town proper. The ride will take you about one hour. You can also hire a tricycle or a private van from your hotel.
    • Fees: Approx. P400 roundtrip

    16. Concepcion Islands

    photo via Commons, @PaintedCarpet)

    This must-visit Iloilo tourist spot doesn’t just have one white sand beach, it’s got 16. These 16 islands are surrounded by crystal clear waters, majestic mountains, and rock formations.

    • Location: Iloilo, Western Visayas
    • How to get there: From Iloilo City, travelers can catch a bus in the Jaro Terminal headed to Concepcion.
    • Fees: Approx. P2500 for a big boat roundtrip

    17. Canibad Beach

    Just a 10-minute ferry ride away from Davao City, Samal Island has 60 resorts spread out on its multiple beaches. Canibad is one of those beaches and it’s got coarse cream sand, pebbles and a number of rock formations.

    • Location: Samal Island, Davao City
    • How to get there: From the Davao Airport, take a jeepney or a taxi to Sasa Wharf where you can catch a RoRo to Samal Island. Get down in Babak and take a habal-habal to Canibad.
    • Fees: Entrance fee: P40
      Night rate: P80
      Cottage: P650

    18. Sabang Beach

    Baler’s Sabang Beach is known as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, so be sure to head there if surfing is an interest. The two kilometer stretch has several surf spots depending on the surfer’s experience level.

    • Location: Baler, Aurora
    • How to get there: Take the Genesis Transport Service Bus from the Cubao terminal. This liners is the only company that travels to Baler non-stop.
    • Fees: Bus fare: P450-750

    19. Commando Beach

    Commando Beach is usually part of the El Nido tours offered by agencies, and for good reason. With its vast sandy shore, Commando Beach is perfect for sunbathing, playing sports, or simply luxuriating.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: From El Nido town proper or Bacuit Bay, you can book an island-hopping tour which will take you to Commando Beach.
    • Fees: Tour fee – Approx. P1,200 per head
      Eco tourism fee – P200

    20. White Beach, Puerto Galera

    The most popular beach on Puerto Galera is perfect for the beach bum looking for fun under the sun. You can sunbathe, play volleyball, and ride jet skis and banana boats.

    • Location: Puerto Galera, Mindoro
    • How to get there: From Metro Manila, catch a bus headed to the Batangas Port where can hire a boat to White Beach in Puerto Galera.
    • Fees: Travel expense – Approx. P1,000

    21. Dicasalarin Cove

    photo via Shutterstock, @Kristian Maglalang)

    This white sand beach in Baler has clear blue waters, rock formations, as well as majestic mountains and hilltops.

    • Location: Baler, Aurora
    • How to get there: From Sabang in Baler, you head to the tricycle lane where you can hire a drive to take you straight to Dicasalarin Cove.
    • Fees: Entrance – P300

    22. Marimegmeg Beach

    If you don’t want to stray too far from El Nido’s town proper, head to Marimegmeg Beach. It’s a short tricycle ride away and boasts white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and majestic islands nearby.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: From the Lio Airport or the town proper, you can catch a tricycle straight to the beach.
    • Fees: Free

    23. Huma Island

    The beach lover with cash to burn can fly to Huma Island. White sand beaches are already expected when it comes to this Palawan location, but it’s kicked up a notch by the resort’s villas. The villas come with a private sun deck, Jacuzzi, and upscale furniture.

    • Location: Busuanga, Palawan
    • How to get there: Travelers can either take a private seaplane from Manila Bay or via a commercial flight to Busuanga. Those coming from Busuanga can take a van to the Sagrada Port.
    • Fees: Approx. P35,000 per night

    24. Apo Island

    Dive spots abound in the Philippines, and Apo Island is particularly famous. Aside from its white sand beaches, it’s also a haven for biodiversity, with over 650 documented species of fish and 400 species of coral.

    • Location: Negros Oriental
    • How to get there: From Dumaguete, take a jeepney headed to Malapatay. From there you can catch a boat straight to Apo Island.
    • Fees: Boat rental (4 pax) – Approx. P2500

    25. Bonbon Beach

    Romblon’s Bonbon Beach has fine white sand, clear blue waters, and a beautiful view. Even better, its sunsets are a thing of beauty, turning the sky variants of red and orange.

    • Location: Romblon
    • How to get there: From the airport, take a van to Odiongan. From there, take a jeepney to the San Agustin Port where you can catch a RoRo to the Romblon Port. Once in Romblon Port, hire a taxi to Tiamban Beach which is walking distance to Bonbon.
    • Fees: Transportation: Approx. P450
      Terminal fee: P10

    26. Baling Hai

    Don’t give up on Boracay just because you think it’s crowded. Baling Hai is inaccessible to tourists coming from White Beach, so you’re sure everyone there has made the effort.

    • Location: Boracay, Aklan
    • How to get there: From the Caticlan Jetty Port, take the boat ride going to Boracay. Upon alighting the boat, you can see a tricycle terminal. You can just ask the driver to take you to Baling Hai.
    • Fees: Entrance – P500 (Free for kids aged 8 and below)

    27. Aglicay Beach

    Another Romblon beach worth visiting is Aglicay Beach. The half-kilometer stretch of white sand is surrounded by calm, clean, and green waters.

    • Location: Alcantara, Romblon
    • How to get there: From Manila, take a flight going to Caticlan. Upon arrival, ride a trike going to Caticlan Jetty Port. From there, you can take a pumpboat cruise with the label Fatima, Ashirra, or San Jose. Travel time is about two hours.
    • Fees: Entrance – P50; Camping – P100

    28. Crystal Cove

    Another Boracay destination with fewer crowds is Crystal Cove. Aside from having equally pristine beaches, Crystal Cove has three coves that you can explore.

    • Location: Malay, Aklan
    • How to get there: From any point in Boracay, you can easily take a trike ride going to this beach. The drivers are familiar with it so going here won’t be a hassle.
    • Fees: Entrance – P200

    29. Cabgan Islet

    If you’re headed to Surigao del Sur, check out Cabgan Islet. With beautiful sand, clear water, and a fantastic view, it’s definitely worth a visit.

    • Location: Barobo, Surigao del Sur
    • How to get there: From Hinatuan, ride a bus or a habal-habal going to Barobo. Tell the driver to take you to the old public market just beside the sea. There is a bangkero station there. You may rent a boat to take you to the island.
    • Fees: Boat Rental – P1,000 (Back and forth); Entrance – Free

    30. Carabao Island

    photo via Instagram, @philippine.islands)

    Yet another way to skip the Boracay crowd is to go to the nearby Carabao Island. Not only is it much calmer, but it’s got bluer waters and white sand beaches to rival Boracay.

    • Location: Romblon
    • How to get there: From the Caticlan Jetty Port, ride a trike going to Sambiray Port. This is where you can see the boats going to the island. The boat requires at least two passengers before it leaves the port.
    • Fees: Entrance – Free

    31. Palani Beach

    If you’re looking for peace and quiet when you go to the beach, head over to Palani Beach. What it lacks in development it makes up for with unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters, ad a calm breeze.

    • Location: Balud, Masbate
    • How to get there: From Masbate City, ride a van going to Balud. Upon arrival, you can easily arrange a habal-habal trip to the beach.
    • Fees: Travel expense – Approx. P300

    32. Diniwid Beach

    photo via Instagram, @ourjourneyquelandmatt)

    It doesn’t stretch as far as Boracay’s White Beach, but that just means less people to contend with. Even better, it’s got the same white sand and blue waters of the White Beach.

    • Location: Malay, Aklan
    • How to get there: From the famous White Beach, you can just walk to the extreme north. The quiet Diniwid Beach will eventually surprise you.
    • Fees: Free

    33. White Island Sandbar

    You’ll definitely come back to Camiguin after visiting the White Island Sandbar. Every angle is Instagram-worthy, and you can hire boats to explore the surrounding clear blue waters.

    • Location: Camiguin
    • How to get there: From Brgy. Yumbing in Mambajao, ride the outrigger boats going to the sandbar. Travel time takes about 10 minutes.
    • Fees: Boat ride – About P450 per two-way trip

    34. Alibijaban Island

    Getting to Alibijaban Island can take up to seven hours, but what you get in exchange is worth it. It’s got golden to white sand, crystal clear waters, and undisturbed forests.

    • Location: San Andres, Quezon
    • How to get there: From Lucena, simply take a bus or van ride to San Andres. Afterwards, ride a side car to San Andres Port, where you can rent a boat going to the island.
    • Fees: Entrance – P100; Overall travel expense – Approx. P2,000 per person

    35. Limasawa Island

    Good students of Philippine history know that Limasawa was the location of the first Catholic mass in the country. But good travelers also know that Limasawa has unspoilt, non-touristy white sand beaches.

    • Location: Limasawa, Leyte
    • How to get there: From Tacloban Central Terminal, ride a bus bound for Maasin. Tell the driver to take drop you at the port at Padre Burgos. This is where you can take a boat ride going to the island.
    • Fees: Travel expense – Approx. P2,000 per person

    36. Sikulan Island

    Tawi-Tawi isn’t a top-of-mind tourist destination, but it’s a location people should make an effort to visit. Aside from white sand beaches, you get to experience the colorful culture of the Badjao.

    • Location: Tawi-Tawi
    • How to get there: From Sibutu proper in Tawi-Tawi , ride a habal-habal to Tandu Owak, where you can see boats going to Sikulan Island.
    • Fees: Entrance – Free

    37. White Beach, Boracay

    Sure, everybody’s heard about it, but there’s a reason why it’s so popular: the four-kilometer stretch is made up of beautiful white sand that has drawn people from all over the world to it.

    • Location: Aklan
    • How to get there: From Caticlan Jetty Port, ride a boat going to Boracay. You can see a trike terminal where you can rent a ride going to the White Beach. The driver will drop you at a street corner, and you have to walk for three minutes to reach the White Beach.
    • Fees: Entrance – Free

    38. Corong-Corong Beach

    Travelers looking for a romantic rendezvous at a secluded beach can head to Corong-Corong Beach. Most of the time, all you have for company are coconut trees, rock formations, and the sunset.

    • Location: El Nido, Palawan
    • How to get there: Ride a Roro bus going to El Nido, if you’re coming from Puerto Princesa. After a seven-hour bus ride, hail a trike to take you to the beach.
    • Fees: Fare – Approx. P500

    39. Capones Island

    photo via Instagram, @Callmeandieee

    Looking for a nearby dive spot? Subic Bay’s Capones Island is a two-hour car and boat ride away. It’s got white rocky sand beaches, clear blue waters, and some of the best coral reef diving spots in the country.

    • Location: San Antonio, Zambales
    • How to get there: From Manila, ride a bus going to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales via Olongapo City. Drop off at San Antonio, where you can hail a tricycle going to Pundaquit. There, you can rent a boat going to the island.
    • Fees: Anawangin-Capones Tour – P1,000

    40. Ampere Beach

    You don’t go to Ampere Beach for fine white sand but for striking views. When waves hit the rocky shoreline it makes an explosive sound, which locals say indicate how intense the weather is going to be.

    • Location: Aurora
    • How to get there: From Cubao, ride a bus going to Baler. The ride will take as long as five hours. Upon arrival at Baler town proper, ride a tricycle going to Ampere Beach.
    • Fees: Entrance – Free

    41. Dungaree Beach

    photo via Instagram, @MonicaRacestheWorld

    This hidden gem in Subic used to be known as Dog Beach and is far cleaner and less crowded than other Subic shores. Aside from its clean water, it’s also got fine sand, a fresh breeze, and a beautiful sunset.

    • Location: Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Bataan
    • How to get there: From any point in Subic Bay, you can just hail a tricycle and ask the driver to take you to Dungaree Beach.
    • Fees: Entrance – P150

    42. Katungkulan Beach

    While known as the Boracay of Cavite, Katungkulan Beach isn’t really known for its fine white sand. It’s most famous feature is actually the towering stone wall that’s perfect for Instagram.

    • Location: Ternate, Cavite
    • How to get there: Katungkulan Beach is inside a military camp. You have to ride your vehicle or rent a car going here. From Ternate proper, you can ask the natives on how to get here.
    • Fees: Entrance – P100

    43. Panampangan Island

    This island in Tawi-Tawi still has few visitors, which is a shame. It’s a breathtaking location, with white sand, towering palm trees, and unspoiled marine life.

    • Location: Tawi-Tawi
    • How to get there: From Bongao in Tawi-Tawi, you can rent a boat to get you to Panampangan Island. Several virgin islands are also nearby.
    • Fees: Boat Ride: About P2,500 to P3,000

    44. Gigantes Island

    Photo by: 2il org via Flickr

    This piece of paradise in Iloilo is a favorite summer destination. It’s easy to see why; it’s got white sand, clear waters, breathtaking views, and raw beauty untouched by development.

    • Location: Carles, Iloilo
    • How to get there: From Iloilo proper, ride a cab going to Tagbak Terminal. This is where you can catch a bus or van going to Carles. Alight at the Bancal Port where you can take a boat ride going to the island.
    • Fees: Island Hopping – P5,000 per Boat

    45. Starfish Island

    One of the attractions in Honda Bay, Starfish Island has white sand beaches and clear waters teeming with starfish.

    • Location: Palawan
    • How to get there: From Puerto Princesa, you can rent a boat that will take you on a tour to Honda Bay. One of the islands you’ll visit is the Starfish Island.
    • Fees: Island Tour – P1,400 (Comes with Lunch)

    46. Ursula Island

    If you’re looking for something more nature-based when it comes to your beach experience, pick Ursula Island. It’s not just home to a beautiful beach but to some of the country’s rare birds as well.

    • Location: Puerto Princesa, Palawan
    • How to get there: The island is located offshore. You need to hire a one-hour boat ride from Rio Tuba Pier, which is six hours away from Puerto Princesa proper.
    • Fees: Entrance – Free

    47. Masasa Beach

    photo via Instagram, @jn.carlo

    Beach bums who like to rough it out can head to Masasa Beach in Batangas. Don’t expect resorts here. Instead, stay in one of the nipa huts that line the area.

    • Location: Tingloy, Batangas
    • How to get there: Take a bus going to Batangas City, then drop off at  the Grand Terminal. From there, ride a jeepney to Talaga or Anilao Port. This is where you can catch a boat ride going to the island.
    • Fees: Environmental Fee- P30; Entrance – Free

    48. Sepoc Beach

    Traveling with fellow beach bums? Sepoc Beach is owned and operated by Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort and provides a beach center, view deck, and lush greenery.

    • Location: Tingloy, Batangas
    • How to get there:  Take a bus ride to Batangas City Grand Terminal, then ride a jeepney going to Anilao. From there, take a trike going to Eagle Point Resort. You can see boats going to Sepoc Island there.
    • Fees: Boat Ride – Approx. P2,500

    49. Subic Beach

    Sorsogon’s Subic Beach is also known as the Pink Beach because of the pinkish color the sand takes when directly hit by sunlight.

    • Location: Matnog, Sorsogon
    • How to get there:  From Legazpi City in Albay, ride the Daraga-Matnog bus. Drop off at Matnog’s public market, where you can rent a ride going to Subic Beach.
    • Fees: Fare – About P200; Entrance – Free

    50. Isla Verde

    Puerto Galera may be better known, but the nearby Isla Verde has its own charms, especially for divers. It’s stark, rocky beaches are Instagram-ready, and it is also home to several dive sites.

    • Location: Batangas
    • How to get there: From Manila, you may take a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. Afterwards, ride a jeep going to Bagong Palengke. From there, ride another jeep to Tabangao Port, where you can see boats en route to Isla Verde.
    • Fees: Entrance – P50 (Adults), P25 (Children)

    Are you ready for to explore these beautiful beaches? What are you waiting for? Book your trip with Traveloka today!

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