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10 Beautiful But Underrated Philippine Destinations Every Traveler Should Visit

It’s a brand new year, and there’s no better way to start it than by exploring philippine destinations that you’ve never been to or even heard of before because they are overshadowed by more popular places like Boracay.

For adventure seekers looking to get a head start on their 2018 travels, here’s a list of 10 underrated Philippine destinations you should add to your yearlong itinerary.

1. Kiokong White Rock Wall

Why You Should Visit: Sporty and adventurous travelers are in for a treat at the Kiokong White Rock Wall. The main attraction of the Kiokong Eco-Tourism Project allows them to sleep on the edge of a cliff 400 feet above the ground.

If that’s not exciting enough, you can also rock climb, rappel, or swim in the nearby Blue Water Cave Pool.

How To Get There: Fly in to either Davao or Cagayan de Oro City. From there, travel by land to Kiokong. 

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2. Mausonoan Island

Why You Should Visit: Palawan is already the place to go to for unspoiled wonders, and Mausonoan Island only reinforces that reputation.

Quiet and unspoiled by tourists and development, Mausonoan Island is where you can hide from the world if for just a few days.

How To Get There: If you’re on a budget, fly in to Puerto Princesa City then travel by land to El Nido. At El Nido, you can arrange for an island-hopping tour that includes Mausonoan Island. 

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3. Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

Why You Should Visit:Fancy spending time under the shadow of an active volcano? Head on over to Sorsogon and go to the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. This 3,673-hectare protected area of rainforest is home to a variety of flora and fauna, some of which are endangered.

Guides can be hired to explore the area, but visitors can also rent kayaks to paddle in the park’s waters. Hanging bridges and trekking routes crisscross the park, and it is also dotted with rest areas.

How To Get There: Interested travelers can fly in to Legazpi City and then hire a van at the Central Terminal in Tahao Road. The trip to Bulusan can last for a hour or two. 

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4. Cabgan Islet

Why You Should Visit: The Philippines has thousands of islands, and Cabgan Islet is one of the many that travelers should go about exploring. Located in Surigao del Sur, the Philippine destination provides clear waters, fantastic views, and spectacular sand.

How To Get There: Fly in to Butuan City and take a bus that passes by the town of Barobo. You can then take a tricycle from Barobo’s bus terminal to the port, then hire a boat for an island hopping tour worth P1,500. 

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5. Cambais Falls

Why You Should Visit: Some waterfalls are notoriously difficult to get to, but one waterfall worth the visit is Cebu’s Cambais Falls. Located in Alegria, Cebu, the two-tiered Cambais has a cold spring and an awe-inspiring view that makes the hour-long drive and trek to get to the falls worth it.

How To Get There: When in Cebu City, take a bus to Alegria Market. You can then hire a motorcycle to take you Cambais Falls for P150 to P200. A bus ride can cost you anywhere from P160 to P180. Entrance to the waterfalls is about P30. 

6. Casino and Kandungaw Peaks

Why You Should Visit: Travelers looking to take that perfect Instagram snap can hike up Dalaguete, Cebu’s Casino and Kandungaw Peaks. From Casino Peak, travelers are treated to breathtaking views of hills that resemble the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

Kandungaw Peak offers an equally stunning view, which is ample reward after making a trek that involves 195 steps, muddy trails, and steep rocks.

How To Get There: Head to the South Bus Terminal after landing in Cebu City. Ride a bus headed to Oslob or Bato and asked to be dropped off at the Dalaguete Junction.

From there, you can hire a motorcycle to get to the peaks. Bus fare is around P170. 

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7. Pinipisakan Falls & Sulpan Cave

Why You Should Visit: Another waterfall that’s worth the arduous trek is Samar’s Pinpisakan Falls. About four hours away from the Calbayog City Airport, getting to Pinipisakan Falls and the nearby Sulpan Cave requires a climb that involves strong currents and slippery terrain.

However, the falls’ towering curtains of water are sure to leave visitors in awe. Make the additional trek up the falls’ four layers to see Sulpan Cave’s rock formations.

How To Get There: Fly in to Calbayog City. From there, take a bus to the town of San Jorge. Take a motorcycle to the Blanca Aurora River, where you will take a one-hour boat ride.

After the boat ride, there will be a one to two hour hike, depending on your speed. 

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8. Pinacanauan River

Why You Should Visit: Take this trip after visiting the Callao Caves in Peñablanca, Cagayan. Pinacanauan is a pristine river that winds along the beautiful landscape of Cagayan. Travelers can also opt to stop in the middle of cruising the river to watch the bats fly out at dusk.

How To Get There: Travelers can hire a tricycle to get to Peñablanca after landing in Tugegarao City. The tricycle ride costs at least P400 round trip. 

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9. White Island Sandbar

Why You Should Visit: Camiguin is known for its lanzones, but its White Island Sandbar is nothing to scoff at either. The sandbar offers powdery white sand and picturesque views any time of the day, as well as a chance to dip in crystal clear water.

How To Get There: Rent a boat to Camiguin after landing in Cagayan de Oro City. However, the Ocean Jet Boat that takes you to Camiguin only makes one trip per day, so plan accordingly.

10. Rapang Cliffs

Why You Should Visit: Just like Palawan, Batanes is a treasure trove of Philippine destinations that aren’t frequently visited. One such location is Itbayat’s Rapang Cliffs. The landmark is a long, towering and jagged stretch of limestone karst wall that rewards visitors with an awe-inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean.

How To Get There: Fly in to Basco, and then take a four-hour boat ride to Itbayat. 

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Check these hidden destinations off your travel bucket list. Use Traveloka to book your flight and hotel!

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