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15 Picturesque Waterfalls in the Philippines You Have to Visit

There are many waterfalls in the Philippines but you can only visit so many at a time. The best kinds of falls to go to are not only sights to behold, but also have unique features to them as well.

Here are 15 picturesque waterfalls in the Philippines you should check out:


1. Aliwagwag Falls

Aliwagwag Falls

  • Location: Davao Oriental

The waterfall boasts wide and strong currents of water, and is made up of more than 100 cascading falls.

It is one of the most visited natural attractions in Davao Oriental and is the highest waterfall in the Philippines. This amazing sight is situated right beside the highway.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, book a flight to Cagayan De Oro. From Laguindingan Airport, take a shuttle to the city proper and then take a bus from the Agora Bus Terminal to Butuan City.

At Butuan, ride a Bachelor express bus to Buslig, but make sure to ride a bus with the signboard Mangagoy.

From the terminal, ride a mini bus to Cateel then hire a motorbike or “habal-habal” to Aliwagwag Falls.

2. Laktas Falls

Laktas Falls

  • Location: Dingalan, Aurora

Laktas falls is a hidden gem in Aurora and is considered a virgin tourist spot. Despite being nearby the popular Dingalan beach destination, the falls remains untouched by commercialization.

There are many pools of water that tourists can swim in and rock formations that can be climbed.

How to Get There: 

Take a five-hour bus ride from Metro Manila to Cabanatuan City then take a two-hour  van or bus ride for Dingalan.

At Dingalan head straight for Barangay Ibona by tricycle, then a tractor or “kuligig” to the falls.

3. Nahulugan, Hicming, Dororian and Maribina Falls

Nahulugan Falls

  • Location: San Pedro, Gigmoto

There are many natural falls in Catanduanes that are beautiful natural wonders with each of them boasting their own unique beauty. They are pristine and cool cascades tat are tucked away in the island’s luscious forests.

Maribina is the most accessible, and also the most crowded, and Nahulugan is the furthest but has less tourists.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, book a flight to Virac. Alternatively, take a bus to Tabaco, Albay and then take a pedicab to Tabaco Port.

From there go to Virac Port via ferry. From Virac, take an hour and a half van ride going to Gigmoto and then take a tricycle or motorbike to the four different falls.

4. Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

  • Location: Cebu

Kawasan Falls is one of the most famous falls in the Philippines and is a frequented tourist spot. It always has people visiting as the beauty of the falls is hard to resist.

It boasts three stages of waterfalls, canyoneering, and beautiful turquoise blue waters. The best time to visit is during a weekday and in the early morning.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a direct flight to Cebu. From the airport in Lapu Lapu City, go to Cebu City.

There is a bus downtown that goes to Kawasan Falls from the South Bus Terminal. It takes about three hours to get there.

5. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls

  • Location: Lanao Del Norte

Lanao Del Norte is home to two of the prettiest waterfalls in the region. It is considered one of the primary tourist attractions in Illigan, the City of Majestic Waterfalls.

The name of the falls comes from the tagalog word “tinago,” which means hidden. While its requires more than 500 steps to reach it, the aquamarine blue waters are worth the trip.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a direct flight to Cagayan de Oro City then take a two-hour bus ride to Iligan City via bus or jeepney terminal.

From the city, ride a jeepney headed for Buru-un and tell the driver to drop you at the intersection to Tinago falls. There you must hire a motorcycle to take you to the jump off point of Tinago Falls.

6. Merloquet Falls

Merloquet Falls

  • Location: Zamboanga

The Merloquet Falls stands near the city’s boundary with Zamboanga Sibugay. It is approximately two hours away from downtown Zamboanga City.

The falls boast a picturesque water curtain at the base. It is approximately 10-meters high and 15-meters wide with a stair like wall to a shallow pool.

Its unique charm isn’t as grand as other falls, but it does attract its fair share of visitors.

How to Get There:

From Manila, take a direct flight to Zamboanga City. From the city, catch a two-hour bus that goes to Pagadian, Dipolog or Ipil.

Once at Barangay Vitali, get a motorcycle to get to the waterfalls. Finally, trek down around 500 meters via the step stairs to the waterfalls.

7. Bulingan Falls

Bulingan Falls

  • Location: Basilan

Hidden in the dense forest of Lamitan City lies the clear, cascading waters of Bulingan Falls. It is a natural wonder on the island of Basilan as the falls are running through a wall of a natural rock formation.

Bulingan Falls may not be as high as the other falls in the country, but it’s unique water feature makes the difference.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a direct flight to Zamboanga City. From the city, take a jeepney headed to Canelar and walk towards Zamboanga City Port.

Take a ferry or boat to Isabela City, then head to Lamitan City, or go directly to Lamitan City, Basilan.

Finally, visit the Lamitan Tourism Office so they can help arrange transportation to the falls.

8. Lulugayan Falls

Lulugayan Falls

  • Location: Samar

It isn’t the tallest falls in the country, but it has the prettiest cascades around. The elusive Lulugayan Falls is a hidden gem at the end of a maze of garms, forest, and dirt roads.

The drop is quite short at 30 meters, but the width of the falls spans 50 meters! However, it can be considered the little Niagra falls of the Visayas region.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a flight to Tacloban and go to the Tacloban New Bus Terminal. From there, take an hour van ride to Calbiga, Samar via the San Juanico Bridge.

At Calbiga, take a motorcycle or “habal-habal” to Lulugayan Falls.

9. Bugtong Bato Falls

Bugtong Bato Falls

  • Location: Antique

Bugtong Bato Falls is a natural water feature that is well known among tourists. It is a seven-tier waterfall that can only be accessed through a 20-minute walk.

In fact, you would have to cross rivers and terraces to get to the falls in Tuno, Tibiao in Antique. Apart from playing in the waters it is also a popular site to have picnics.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a plane to Caticlan Airport in Aklan and then take a van to Tibiao, Antique.

Alternatively, you can go to Iloilo City and take a three- to four-hour drive to Tibiao.

10. Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls

  • Location: Lanao Del Norte

The Maria Cristina Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Philippines. It is a very famous tourist spot and is also the beauty that powers the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant.

This plant is one of many that provides the power supply for Mindanao.

Apart from basking at the glory of the waterfalls there are spots to have picnics, a Tree Top canopy tour, Zip Line Adventure, and event Botanical and Zoological gardens.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a direct flight to Cagayan de Oro City then take a two-hour bus ride to Iligan City via bus or jeepney terminal.

From the city, ride a jeepney headed for Buru-un and tell the driver to stop at NPC. The Maria Cristina Falls is a 15-minute walk towards the park.

11. Asik-Asik Falls

Asik-Asik Falls

  • Location: North Cotabato

This enchanting waterfall known also as Dulao Falls, is located in Sitio Dulao of Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato. No doubt the falls are a sight to behold, but it is considered a unique phenomenon.

The water that comes out of the rocks and lush vegetation comes from a spring. The cold water then cascades into a 60-meter high wall carpeted in rich foliage and is approximately 140-meters wide.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a flight to Cotabato City. From there, take an hour and a half van ride to the town of Midsayap. There you can take a “habal-habal” or motorbike to Asik-Asik falls.

12. Pulang Bato Falls

Pulang Bato Falls

  • Location: Negros Oriental

Pulang Bato Falls is called the “Red Waterfalls of Valencia” and is one of the many waterfalls in Negros Oriental. It is located at the foot of Cuernos del Norte, also known as Mount Talinis.

It has the alternate name of Malabo falls. This is because it is one of the Twin Falls of Barangay Malabo – one is clear and the other has red-orange water.

The Pulang Bato water isn’t really red, it is actually because of the wall covered with sulfur deposits.

How to get There: 

From Manila, take a direct flight to Dumaguete. From Dumaguete City, catch a multicab to Valencia and then a motorbike to Pulang Bato Falls.

13. Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls

  • Location: Siquijor

Siquijor is home to many unique sights despite it’s notorious reputation for being bewitched.

The only thing bewitching is Cambugahay Falls. It consists of multi-layered cascading falls with water coming from the natural springs.

Tourists can swim in the clear cool waters or climb up the waterfall to find other smaller falls.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take a flight to Dumaguete City and then take a fast craft going to Siquijor. There you can take a ride going to Lazi or take a motorcycle to drop you off at the falls. There is a short walk to the falls itself.

14. Kaparkan, Cabato, Guinto Falls

Kaparkan Falls

  • Location: Tineg, Abra

At Kaparkan Falls, there are terraces full of water overflowing down the mountainside among lush trees with different shallow pools for dipping.

Cabato and Guirem are favorite stops that are relaxing to take dips in. They all have their own charm but boast clear and cool waters just the same.

How to Get There: 

From Manila, take an eight-hour bus to Abra. The Partas, Viron, and Dominion Bus have daily trips to Bangued, Abra. From there take a motorcycle or “habal-habal” to get to the different falls.

15. Balay Anito Falls

Balay Anito Falls

  • Location: Santol, La Union

Balay-Anito is very hard to get to which is why they managed to preserve its natural beauty. “Balay” means house and “anito” means deity.

The water is fresh from the mountain and very cold and clear. There are many shallow basins to take a swim in.

How to Get There: From Balaoan Town Proper, take a jeep to Santol. From there, take a tricycle to the entrance of Balay-Anito. From there, follow the entrance down to the falls by using the stream as a guide.


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