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Airline Secrets Revealed: 10 Things You Should Know

If you’re a frequent flyer, you probably already know the standard procedures without having to listen, but do you know all reasons behind them? From the best way to score cheaper flights, to alarming sanitation advice, here are some airline secrets revealed:

1. You should probably wipe your tray

Most cabin crew don’t take time to wipe down your trays before serving them. Chances are, those trays haven’t been under flowing water since they’ve been in use. So, the next time you spill a bag of chips on your tray, think twice before popping it in your mouth.

2. Book one at a time

If you’re a big group, it might seem more efficient and less time consuming to book all your tickets in one go, but this can actually cost you more money. There are only a limited number of tickets allocated for promo fares, so if you’re a bigger group, the chances of all of you getting a cheap fare in one booking are extremely slim.

3. The food rule

Some airlines don’t allow their pilots to eat the same food from the same source before a flight. This is to avoid the possibility of both of them being sick at the same time.

4. Seats are getting smaller

Nope, you’re not just imagining it. The latest Boeing 777 was furnished with slimmer seats in order to add an extra one on each row.

5. Those aren’t fresh blankets

Unless you’re on a premium airline, those pillows and blankets distributed during the flight are just stacked and re-folded after use. The only passengers who get the privilege of fresh blankets are those on the first flight out (maybe not even).

 6. The real reason behind dimmed lights

They might be telling you that the cabin lights are being dimmed so you have a better view of the sights below, but that’s not the main reason behind this standard procedure. Cabin lights are dimmed before landing in case of an emergency. Since your eyes are already adjusted to the dark, it will be easier for you to find the way out.

7. Pilots fall asleep while flying

Not that it’s anything alarming because of autopilot but, a survey revealed that almost half of the pilots fall asleep involuntarily mid-flight.

8. Your phone is annoying

More than a safety issue, the sound of signal interference from hundreds of mobile devices is simply annoying. Take offs and landings are the most crucial parts of the flight and though highly unlikely, the sound of your cell phone could interrupt an important conversation between pilot and tower.

9. You’re entitled to cash

Don’t settle for a flight voucher. If you’re bumped off from a flight because of overbooking or if you’re flight has been cancelled, the airline is required to arrange a new flight for you immediately. If not, then they’ll have to pay.

10. You can ask for a whole can

You don’t actually have to nurse that sad glass of juice or soda for your whole meal. If you think that a few sips aren’t enough to sustain you, then you may ask for a whole can.

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