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10 Popular Zambales Tourist Spots

Just three hours away from Manila, Zambales has a lot of tourist spots for everyone’s enjoyment. Escaping to this destination is the fastest way for city dwellers to get their nature fix. It’s rich in history, too!

Check out these tourist attractions in Zambales for your day trip or extended vacation.

1. Ramon Magsaysay’s Ancestral House

Learn more about the life and times of the country’s 7th president, Ramon Magsaysay. He is also known as the “Champion of the Masses.”

The museum has three galleries. Each one showcase a part the former president’s life: The Life of Magsaysay, Magsaysay’s Family, and the Death and Legacy.

  • Type: Historical landmark
  • Location: Castillejos
  • Fee: FREE; but they accept donations
  • Open hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays (8AM to 4PM)
  • Activities: See memorabilias and take pictures.


2. The Hellships Memorial

This memorial is a tribute to Allied Prisoners of War, who were transported via hell ships to Japan and were subjected to forced labor during World War Two.

  • Type: Historical landmark
  • Location: Waterfront Road, Olongapo


3. Ina Poon Bato

Located in Botolan, this image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is believed to be miraculous. Many pilgrims go here to offer a prayer, especially after the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption.

Ina Poon Bato means “Mother of the Lord Rock.” According to local stories, it was the Aetas who named her after finding the carved wooden statue on top of a rock.

  • Type: Church
  • Location: Brgy. Loob Bunga, Botolan
  • Activities: Say prayers for your loved ones.


4. El Kabayo Stables

El Kabayo Stables

El Kabayo Stables is a special destination in Subic for rescued wildlife animals. It is managed by non-profit organization called Wildlife In Need.

They offer guided horseback rides around the stables and to the El Kabayo Falls. You can also sign up for horseback riding lessons or “adopt” a horse, where you give monthly donations for their upkeep.

  • Location: El Kabayo Road, Binictican, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Open hours: 8AM to 6PM daily
  • Budget: PHP 250/horse for 15 minutes; PHP 700 1-hour with side trip to El Kabayo Falls
  • Activities: Go horseback riding, explore El Kabayo Falls, or just enjoy the peaceful scenery.


5. CASA San Miguel

A project of violinist Coke Bolipata, CASA San Antonio aims to give back to the community by nurturing a community of local musicians – children of San Antonio’s farmers and fishermen. There’s also a museum, a café, and a bed and breakfast.

  • Type: Museum, Art Gallery
  • Location: Evangelista Street, Barrio San Miguel, San Antonio
  • Activities: Check out exhibits featuring photographs of locals and more or interesting nooks like the Volkswagen reading space.


6. Capones Lighthouse

Capones Lighthouse

A visit to Zambales should include the Capones Lighthouse in your itinerary. Built in 1890, the Faro de Punta Capones served as a guide to ships arriving and leaving Subic Bay. The lighthouse’s original brick structure is still intact, however it now uses solar power.

  • Type: Historical landmark
  • Location: Capones Island
  • Activities: After trekking to the lighthouse you can do other stuff like camp out, be a beach bum, gather around a bonfire, or explore the island further.


7. Camara Ancestral House

Camara Ancestral House is the home of Vicenta Camara, the first Filipino governor of Zambales. It was built with local hardwoods such as yakal, molave, and narra. The house’s interesting design was created with a need for ventilation.

  • Type: Historical site
  • Location: Iba, Zambales
  • Activities: Get to know the rich history of the place.


8. Botolan Resettlement Site

Botolan Zambales

Discover one of Zambales’ hidden gem in Botolan Resettlement Site. The village encompasses three communities including Baquilan, Taugtug, Loob-bunga.

You can interact with the Aeta community, who were displaced from their original homes by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991, when you visit.

  • Type: Cultural site
  • Location: Botolan
  • Activities: Hike to Baquilan and see an amazing view of Mount Pinatubo’s crater.


9. Mt. Tapulao

Ready for a more adrenaline pumping activity after a very sedate exploration of Zambales? At 2,037 meters, Mt. Tapulao is the tallest mountain in the province. It was named after the century-old Tapulao pine trees that grow abundantly.

  • Type: Mountain
  • Location: Palauig
  • Budget: Depends on the tour you’re planning to join.
  • Activities: Discover amazing flora and fauna as you hike the mountain.


10. Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure Subic

Also known as Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Subic Bay’s shores used to be the location of a major US naval facility. Beneath its waters lie shipwrecks from the Spanish-American War of 1898 and World War II.

It is currently home to many popular tourist spots in Zambales such as Ocean Adventure, Zoobic Safari, Treetop, Magaul Bird Park and more.

  • Type: Bay Area
  • Location: Subic
  • Activities: Check out the marine life at Ocean Adventure Park.


Enjoy a fun-filled trip to Zambales! Check out other activities, restaurants to try and more in the province. Discover cheap Zambales hotel deals and cheap flights from carriers like Philippine Airlines, AirAsia, and more with Traveloka!